Back to blogging a new beginning

Posted by Carl-Hugo Marcotte on July 28, 2016
Back to blogging a new beginning

The past

I wrote my last blog post in January 2009. I never really plan to stop, but I never migrated my custom blog engine to my new (at the time) host. That’s the thing about custom engine, you always have ideas but you too often lack the time to implement them. And for some reasons, real life always get in the way (not entirely a bad thing). At the time I was working full-time and doing a bachelor degree part-time. That, imho, pretty much covers “the lack of time”…

Now, lets forget about my old ASP.NET WebForm custom blog engine that no one remembers and lets take a look at my new WordPress blog.

And yes, you are right, I said WordPress…

The present

For those who don’t know me, I am not a huge WordPress fans. For my defense, I am more a builder than a user so it’s not really WordPress’s fault, its more that my interests kinda clash with using someone else platform. Anyway, I learnt how to use WordPress in a few hours today, from creating a blog, installing a template, installing plugins and finally some basic theme customization. I will also post on social media at the same time as i publish and my articles will be bilingual, if i translate them.

All that in a few hours, I’d say its pretty neat! I cannot really say that I miss the good old “include” days, but hey, it is simple.

More on that, I also understood why so many people use and love WordPress, it’s very easy to grasp. It also seem very easy to extend and there is a lots of information out there to help you (let Google be your friend).

That said, I don’t really plan on exploring WordPress that much more in the short-term but I had to give it a small honorable mention, it is powering my new blog after all!

The future

My main focus in 2016 remains about developing mobile apps with Angular 2, Ionic 2, Apache Cordova, TypeScript, .NET Core 1.0, Web Api and nevertheless, C# (which is, since I discovered it in its first form, my favorite language). I will also need to look at building a SSO server with IdentityServer4 and to explore many of the Windows Azure fun stuff.

I am pretty happy to post this article, 7 years later, on my new blog. And I have many more things to say.

Stay tuned for more on these subjects!