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Novice New to coding

You are new to coding and still learning the basics. You may be a student or a self-learner. This category covers introductions to programming languages, frameworks, etc.

Intermediate Has some coding experience

Boolean logic, loops, and other language construct have no more secrets for you. You may have worked a little as a junior or as an intern. You may also have a degree or be a self-learner. The articles in this category should cover the necessary information to help beginners progress while assuming the audience know how to program.

Advanced Experienced developer

GoF design patterns were mastered a long time ago, and you probably work as a senior developer or engineer. There will be no beginner explanation in these articles.

Expert Hardcore topics

This category is reserved for advanced topics, articles without basic explanation or topics requiring advanced knowledge in some specific fields. I don't know what I will put here yet, but I will leave the category here to create some high expectation (and especially to force me to figure out something to write that fits in)...

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